Hearing Protection

Each square is 1 inch.

My next show isn’t for another week or two so I figured I talk about something different today. It has nothing to do with photography but it’s a critical consideration for anyone who partakes in concerts. The title says it all. Hearing is something you do not get back once lost. At least probably not in our lifetimes even though there are talks of the possibility. When I first started going years ago, I went without because the joys of youth (silly me). Then one night I saw a doubleheader of Atmosphere then Yelle. Needless to say, it was amazing. But the next morning my ears were still ringing which really scared me. Please learn from my mistake.

I tried various ear plugs including those $3 clay textured round plugs and those popular orange foam cones. The former, while far more comfortable than the latter, not only distorted the sound but muffled them.  I finally settled on Etymotic’s High Fidelity earplugs and have never looked back. They effectively work by turning down the volume. In other words, you do not lose any fidelity in sound. Push them in deeper to lower the sound to your preference. They are very comfortable and come in different sizes to fit your ears as well as colors. I like blue. They also come with a small handy carrying case which I love. When I first got them they were $10. Prices have since increased to $13 but very worth it! They last a year or two which is about 60 to 70 shows for me.

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